The various specialisations of each of our lawyers and partners allow us to engage complex cases based on teamwork and the combination of our personal qualities added up.

AR legal & business has legal experience in different law disciplines. Hereby some of our expertise areas. Should you have any query on a particular case which is not referred hereby, please send your question to info@legal-business.net , we´ll be pleased to assist you.

Civil, commercial and contract law

Creditor claims and debt collection; defects of construction; rental and lease contracts; insurances and liability law; breach of contract and damage claims.

Harm claims; product liability; executives, administrators and professionals liabilities; contractual and extra-contractual liability; claims against Board of Directors agreements (limited and joint stock companies).

Distribution agreements, agency and franchising agreements; research and development agreements, technology transfer; licensing agreements; international trade and transport; real estate law; purchase and rental of real estate properties.

Non-judicial negotiations and settlements.


Mergers and acquisitions; joint ventures; corporate governance, shareholder agreements; assistance at shareholders´meetings; capital restructuring; business advice for entrepreneurs and incorporation of new companies; white collar crime law.

Intellectual property

Patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights; domain name disputes; trade secrets and confidentiality; IP rights in Spain and abroad; data protection; marketing and unfair competition, product liability, misleading publicity cases.

Administrative law

Submission of claims and appeals before civil service entities; contestation of sanctions; administrative sanctions and licenses requests and authorizations.